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Hooray! With your help, we’ve done it – we’ve hit our target of planting 50,000 trees with Tree Appeal and David Bellamy. We’re not stopping there. We like trees a lot and we’re doubling our target to a whopping 100,000 trees – that’s enough to fill 125 football pitches.

That’s not all. We also want to encourage local schools to make the most of their grounds by planting trees. This helps create woodland habitat, increases bio-diversity and, most importantly, provides an excellent learning resource — planting the trees, watching them grow, seeing how wildlife is encouraged and charting the changing seasons and weather.

We need your help… Our partners Tree Appeal will plant a tree for every 20 orders we receive. You can make a difference by choosing us for your leaflets, stationery, posters and other printing and telling your friends about our Trees for Schools campaign. Help us reach our target of planting 100,000 trees.

David Bellamy

Last year David Bellamy visited nine schools across the UK and Ireland planting over 3,000 trees from our 100,000 tree target.